By going through this website to the online shop that you normally use - Argos, M&S, Next, John Lewis, Amazon, Apple, Thomson's Holidays, P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and thousands more including many more popular holiday and travel companies - and making a purchase, a small percentage of your payment is paid back to the church at no additional cost to you.

If lots of us use it then all these small amounts will quickly add up to a substantial donation for Kenmure.

Think just how much could be earned if many more people signed up - especially with the New Year coming around and many of us thinking of arranging our summer holidays. The individual donations may only be 1% or 2%, but these very quickly add up with more people using the service.

Click this link to go directly to the Kenmure Church EasyFundRaising registration page.

From here follow the on-screen instructions - note that if you don't want to receive emails offering 'helpful tips etc' you must click the box to opt out. Two more check boxes will appear - click on both of these to prevent tips and offers being sent to you. The system will detect that Kenmure is registered for Gift Aid - if you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, click on the Yes option to register for Gift Aid - this increases the income Kenmure receives from each purchase by 25% - again at no expense to you.

You will find the service easier to use if you choose the Get the Donation Reminder option - again follow the onscreen instruction to install it. Of course if you don't like this option in your browser you can uninstall it at any time!

If you shop through your phone or tablet, you can also install an App for that as well. If you do like the service you can even invite friends to join you on the system to raise funds for this and many other causes.

Happy shopping.

Please give this method of donating your careful consideration - remember, it costs you nothing extra. You buy as normal online, paying the same price as you would without going through the service and Kenmure benefits.