Recent News from Kenmure

October 2023
Balmuildy Primary School held their harvest assembly at the beginning of October.
Tins and packets of food were brought and were then shared between the Lodging House Mission and East Ayrshire Foodbank.
Susan was able to contribute to the assembly and she said that when she sees big grins of recognition on the faces of children
who progressed from our Toddler Group to primary school, it makes her day.

Kaye shared her story with us one Sunday evening and the Uddingston Viewpark Church praise band came and led worship.
We even had visitors from Kilmarnock. Thanks to those who provided the treats which were enjoyed over a cuppa.

The Toddler Group is now full. It's not that we don't want more people to come but for safety reasons we feel we should put a hold on
accepting more children. We now have two families who come from Lenzie - word has got out that we are a friendly group.
Thank you to the GB who put out some of the toys when they have finished on a Tuesday evening and to the mums,
dad and grans who help us put the toys away after the session.

The Guild programme is now in full swing and details can be found on the Guild noticeboard.
Men and women of all ages are invited to join.

GB have been looking at the word "joy" and what gives them joy.
It is interesting to read their thoughts - take a look at them on the GB noticeboard.

The Monday group is half-way through the Freedom in Christ course which is proving valuable
in building up our confidence in our relationship with Christ.

There is much to look forward to in November; please look at the What's On page.

September 2023
Groups and organisations within the church family have fully resumed.

The Monday evening group have started the Freedom in Christ course which explores finding out who we really are,
how our world-view can colour what we think and believe and suggests ways in which we can renounce the lies of the world that we can so often believe and instead,
believe the truths that are in God's Word. Through video, discussion and "homework" we are learning much about the freedom we can have in Christ and the joy and trust that brings.

The Girls Brigade has had new recruits; this bodes well for the future. The girls made invitations for a "bring a friend" party
and one of them was proudly shown to Susan at Toddlers by the younger sister of one of the invited girls.

The Toddler group is now full and the children are exploring the new toys we have provided.
The children get on really well with one another and even those who are a little shy at first are really blossoming.
It's wonderful to see the children learn to walk and improve their chattering into understandable words!
Our September craft was making necklaces which some mums are still proudly wearing.

The Guild starts up again in October but they have been meeting sporadically during the summer as a "let's stay together" group (aka Kenmure Ladies).
Barbara also had members over for lunch and then a tea was enjoyed at Caulders to which the daughters of Rena James were invited. Guild members wanted to remember Rena
in their own way and this was appreciated by all who were able to attend. Ruth and Christine were given small gifts from the Guild. The noticeboard for the Guild has been
refurbished and thanks again go to Gordon and Linda for doing this .....without being asked to do so.

There are many things to look forward to in October so please head over to the What's On page of our website and see for yourself how active we are in worship and organisations........and come and join us.

August 2023
The Williamson Hall is looking fabulous and already we can see further potential uses for it; it has become a more friendly space.
Thank you to all who helped in any way with this refurbishment.

The Toddler Group has started up again. We have a lovely group of mums, a dad and grans who bring their children, currently aged between seven weeks and 4 years.
It is lovely to welcome them into our space and know that we provide a caring environment.
Thank you to Gordon and Linda for refurbishing the Toddler notice-board.

Girls Brigade celebrated their 70th anniversary during August with a fun-day and an anniversary service.
There was a real buzz around the place as many came and brought their children. Face-painting, bouncy castle, free tea and cakes,
stalls and many outdoor games and some quizzes were organised. Well done leaders.
At the fun day we were supported by ladies from Whiteinch church who offered alternative ways to get people thinking about faith and Jesus.
One way is to offer hand massage which, because touch is very important, often unlocks fears and anxieties which people can talk about and to
which we can minister. Thank you to the planners of the fun-day and all who took part, also to those who organised the
anniversary service and shared in it. . Girls' Brigade begin again on Sept 5th.

A retiring offering for Glasgow City Mission was held in August. Many charitable organisations are facing pressure on two fronts in particular;
larger numbers of people are seeking help and running costs keep rising. Our offering raised £547, so thank you to all who were able to donate
to this worthy cause. If you were away when this took place you can still give an offering through their website.

We are seeing more people sharing in the leading of worship; this is good and reflects our belief in the priesthood of all believers.
Musicians pop up, singers lead us, new people are feeling confident in reading God's Word in worship, leading prayer too.
Please continue to encourage them.

July 2023
July seems to be the month when we try to recharge our batteries ready for the work we do during the rest of the year.

However the importance of prayer and worship are still uppermost with a short prayer meeting held each week before worship
and prayer ministry following worship.

Flowers are still delivered to those who are ill, recovering or to our older members; cleaning and checking of the toys used for the
Toddler group is done and this year a few of our members are putting the finishing touches to the Williamson Hall. New curtains are now up.

Thank you to those who worked on this. Look out next month for a progress report on the recovering of the chairs.

June 2023
Kaye's ordination and introduction to Kenmure and Wallacewell took place on the 6th June and we were delighted that so many of her friends and family were able to attend.
Thank you to all who helped in any way to make this night special for Kaye. We are now enjoying her ministry.

We now have space for a prayer ministry each week after worship on a Sunday morning; you can come and ask for prayer for yourself or for someone else.

An excellent anniversary Praise Night Party was enjoyed by members of the church at the end of June and we were delighted that some of the Wallacewell Church family
were able to join us. We had pakora and cake afterwards which was a lovely end to the evening of fellowship and praise.
Thank you to all involved in these praise nights by setting up the hall, providing baking, leading us in praise and then dismantling it all. The next Praise Night will be in September.

Christian Aid Week in May was a joint fund-raising effort by the Bishopbriggs Church of Scotland congregations (known as the Bishopbriggs Cluster);
the sum of around £4300 was raised. This includes Gift Aid. Thank you to all who donated and/or attended the events.

Some of the members were able to visit our dear friend Mary who was in respite care in Bearsden whilst her family were on holiday.
Mary is 101 years of age, has an excellent memory and is keen to hear our news.

We are pleased to report that 4 members of Kenmure Church attended a First Aid course at the beginning of the month.

Don't forget to go to the What's On section on our website to find what is on during July and August. Some groups are taking a summer break.

May 2023
The Right Royal tea room held in May was enjoyed by our regulars and a few extra friends and family.
There was a cake decorated like the Union flag with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, together with the usual fare of scones etc.
A royal wordsearch was done and the winner of that received a chocolate lolly in the shape of a crown.
The person who wore a tiara to the event also received a lolly for the best dressed person.
The tearoom has now closed for the summer. Watch this space for when it will re-open in the autumn.

Most of you will have heard the good news that we will have the encouragement and leadership of Kaye for up to a year.
Kaye will be with us for what is called a shared ministry; we shall be sharing her with Wallacewell Community Church.
She will lead worship for two weeks and then the worship team will lead the next two weeks....and so on.
She will undertake other ministerial duties whilst with us too. We look forward to her challenging us, teaching us and giving us vision for the way ahead.
Kaye will be ordained in Kenmure on June 6th - what a night this promises to be.

Christian Aid Week : gone are the days of house to house collections. There were several events in Bishopbriggs organised by the CofS cluster.
We had worship, prayer, a walk, a quiz and a picnic with praise.
In Kenmure, sunflower seeds were given out and we will give a prize to the person who grows the tallest sunflower !

The Guild held a coffee morning in May and a fabulous sum of money (around £730) was raised which will go to various projects that the Guild supports.
Thank you to everyone who supported this in any way. The Guild had already generously donated £100 to each of Crossreach and the Lodging House Mission during this year.

The Girls' Brigade in Kenmure is 70 years old and the girls celebrated this with a huge cake (we are sure there was enough to feed 70 people) at their display night.
We heard the parable of the lost sheep and three of the Brigaders sang to us.
Prizes were given out and we all made party hats whilst we enjoyed the cake with a cuppa.

We were saddened to hear of the death of one of our members, Harry Boyd.
Harry used to be part of the Ramblers Group and was on the Congregational Board.
Harry was latterly cared for in Erskine Hospital. We remember his family in our prayers.

The Toddler Group has recently had a couple of new members and we now have a few who will not be going to nursery or school after the summer,
so that bodes well for the group continuing next school year.

The Williamson Hall redecoration has been completed; paintwork freshened up, new ceiling tiles and new carpet.
Thank you to all who gave access to the tradesmen, who fitted the tiles, and who tidied up after the tradesmen had been in.
A great job done. The recovering of the chairs may be done at a later date.

April 2023
We were pleased to share in services within the Bishopbriggs churches Together group during Holy Week.
We hosted the Wednesday evening service and the large hall was full of people gathered round tables for a cafe style service.
Refreshments were served afterwards and good fellowship enjoyed.

The Discipleship Explored course has started, with 16 people joining together to watch a DVD and explore the questions given to us.
Naturally conversation stimulated by the questions ranges far and wide and not only are we learning more of the Christian life and what it can be like, but also about each other.

Did you know we have a Twinkletoes in our church family? If we hold this course again, it is thoroughly recommended.
The Guild has morphed into Kenmure Ladies for the summer. This enables them to meet for fellowship and a good blether over a cuppa.
They meet fortnightly. See Barbara for details.
GB are busy getting ready for their parents' night (May 19th), the Guild are looking out their recipes for the coffee morning (May 20th),

The Christian Aid team are working on the different activities for that week (May 14th-21st)
and theToddler group are simply having fun.(Wednesdays 10am - 11.30am)

When you next go into the Williamson Hall you will notice a difference.
It has been freshly painted and new ceiling tiles are about to be fitted with the carpet laid afterwards.
Already it is looking so much brighter. Well done to those who have overseen this work.

March 2023
We were saddened in late February and early March to lose two of our members; Moira and Rena,
long-standing members of Kenmure, died. We continue to remember them and the part they played in church life.

Thank you for your generosity to the Lodging House Mission. Donald had many, many Easter eggs to take to them for their appeal.
The eggs will be given to those living in hostels and in temporary accommodation.
Thanks to members of the Toddler group who also contributed to this.

The monthly Praise Night was once again a wonderful evening of singing to God's praise.
If you haven't been to one, then please try it. It starts promptly at 7pm and ends, similarly promptly, at 8pm.
A cuppa and cakes can be enjoyed during the evening. A lot of practice goes into these evenings and it is good to support those
who see this opportunity to do something a little different. We sing hymns/songs that we know well,
a couple that we have sung before but perhaps have not remembered and a couple of new ones (to some of us).
There is always a fabulous, joyful atmosphere in the hall.

We are pleased to hear that three members of Kenmure are to be admitted to the Kirk Session.
Thank you Sandy, Jacqueline and Donald for prayerfully considering this calling.
Being admitted means that they have been elders in either our congregation before
(having perhaps gone away and then come back to Kenmure) or had resigned because of
work commitments but are freer now to be able to serve again.

At the Stated Annual Meeting we were pleased to welcome Ailsa and Stevie onto the Board.
Again we thank them for their willingness to serve God in this way.

Easter cards have been delivered to our parish. We pray that they will cause people to think about the Christian meaning of this season.
Though we do, in one sense, celebrate Christ's rising from death every time we gather for worship, for we serve a risen Christ,
nevertheless on April 9th at 11am we shall sing familiar resurrection hymns and look at the resurrection stories in the gospels. Do join us.

February 2023
The February reading challenge Susan set us will be followed up during the sermon on March 5th.
If you will not be at church this coming week and don't follow the service live-stream you can watch it through our YouTube channel once it is online this Sunday.
And yet another reading challenge was offered on the theme of Easter and Susan will preach on that on April 9th.

The Williamson Hall looks spacious now that the stage area is clear. John Anderson and various stakeholders sorted through the things that had accumulated.
Cupboards are being cleared and reallocated and hopefully all organisations will soon have the space they require.

The monthly Praise Nights continue to be well attended - always room for a few more though. Thanks to the team who organise these.
A lot of preparation is needed and those who attend appreciate their hard work. (And the wee treats as we gather, are welcome).

The Lodging House Mission is asking us to donate Easter eggs which will be distributed to those living in temporary accommodation or in hostels.
These can be brought to church on Sunday March 12th or 19th and they will be delivered to the centre.

January 2023
January saw Susan issue a challenge to church members to read a gospel.
This was followed up on the first Sunday in February with four members sharing their insights.
During this service she issued another challenge. Both can be viewed on our Facebook page.

At the end of January we remembered our friend Mary McLellan who has reached the age of 101. She now lives with
her daughter in Argyll.

The Toddler Group have had a few new members recently which bodes well for the ongoing work of this group.

The Girls Brigade have had many interesting evenings. they particularly enjoyed learning about how a Guide Dog assists those who are blind or have impaired sight.

December 2022
At our service on 18th December, George Reid was presented with a gift to mark his 22 years service as Session Clerk.
Although he stepped down in 2020, circumstances prevented, then delayed this event taking place.
George gratefully accepted the gift and promised to share some memories at a future service.

At the same service, Susan Anderson was presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of the congregation's
appreciation of her contribution during the past difficult couple of years.

A collection for Cash for Kids was taken at our Watchnight Service, with the sum of £456 raised.
This was a magnificent amount for a worthwhile cause.

The final total raised at the Guild Christmas Fayre was £818.
The Guild would like to express their thanks to all who contributed to this effort.