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First Wednesday of each month at 7.30 in the Williamson Hall.

The purpose of Adult Bible Class is to give you an overview or big picture of how the Bible came together, how and why it is structured the way it is and, most importantly, why this will help us have a greater understanding of the Bible as a whole. It is unashamedly non-academic - no heavy theology, no tests, no exams just a plain man's look at the Bible - but we intend that it be lively, interesting and interactive and, most of all, stimulating. We pray that it will result in you having a greater awareness of what God may be saying to you through His Word but most important of all that you should know Jesus better.

The main focus of this year's programme is to explore the apparent diversity of this one remarkable book through the lives of some of the main players in the drama that is the Bible story. The Bible is, in fact, an anthology of 66 separate books of history, poetry, prophecy, theology, wisdom and the law. These were written over a period of some 1400 years or more by a variety of some 40 individuals including kings, politicians, shepherds, tax collectors, soldiers, fishermen, priests, government officials and several others in two major languages, Hebrew and Greek. The diversity of the Bible, however, is only apparent for it is in fact, from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation, just one single continuous and unified story. It is God's Plan for the Plight of Man and it is the story of Jesus. In spite of the overall theme of continuity in the Scriptures, it is intended that each session should stand alone, that it should have value in and of itself. If you just want to dip in to the course as and when, that's no problem.

The Bible is the Christian's handbook. If you feel that you don't know it as well as you should. ABC is for you.

ABC Programme (March - June 2017)

March 1st - Introduction to the New Testament / Jesus' Time on Earth (1) : The Early Years

April 5th - Jesus' Time on Earth (2) : Arrest, Death and Resurrection

May 3rd - Paul and his Missionary Journeys

June 7th - The Growth and Spread of the Church until Now

If you would like more information, contact our Session Clerk, George Reid, on 07765 604 248/ 0141 563 0640 or use our church email:-kenmure_church@icloud.com

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