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A Celebration of Kenmure Church of Scotland
a book by Sheila Livingstone

Drawing by Rev. Philip H. Jones

'Our church door is open, wide open.
In our Master's Name we bid you welcome'

Allan Williamson 1960

As a minister in Kenmure I have heard many names from the past and not a few anecdotes in the life of the congregation, but have struggled to put them into any kind of order or context. Now, with Sheila's book, things are much more ordered in my thinking. I am sure this will be the experience of many as they enjoy this well researched celebration of Kenmure's life spanning more than a century. This book is full of snippets of information gleaned from many sources by Sheila and her team of elders, Bert Bell, Ian Thomson and Eric Forrester and then carefully crafted into a tapestry of the congregation's life. Even when they put their collective minds and all the scraps of information together there are still gaps; gaps which make you wonder what happened in the interval, but every good book has mystery as an ingredient.

It could be said that much of the detail is trivia. That is so and all the more fascinating for it. This is the kind of book you can't assimilate in one sitting but go back to over and over and always find another gem you missed the previous time.

We owe an immense debt of gratitude to Sheila for this labour of love which has taken more hours hunched over her PC than she cares to record; to Bert and Ian, her team of researchers, who poured over documents and cajoled many memories; and to Eric, who gave hours of his expertise to formulate the layout and incorporate the photographs. Thank you all for this fascinating celebration of Kenmure's life.

It has been said that no one can understand themselves unless they understand their past. This book enables today's congregation to do just that as they prepare themselves for another century of witness to the same Christ who inspired the folks of Springburn to set up a Mission to serve the new houses of Colston.

I commend this book to you.
Iain A. Laing

I would like especially to thank Bert Bell for interviewing and chasing people for their contributions, Ian Thomson, who trawled the Kirk Session Minutes in the Mitchell Library and came up with interesting material about our beginnings and Eric Forrester for his expertise with computers, layout and design, also those who contributed short pieces for inclusion.

One person who must be posthumously thanked is the late Margaret Gray who built an archive by hoarding programmes, tickets, financial statements, magazines and photographs. Ian Gray has been kind enough to lend me this material and it formed the basis of the book.

Thanks must also go to the many members and friends who rummaged through their lofts and cupboards as well as their memories. I am also glad that some of our young people have contributed as this is not a history but a celebration of past, present and looking to the future so that in another 50 years when someone writes about Kenmure Church they will not have to start from scratch as we have had to do.

There is so much that has come to light that it cannot all appear but I hope to continue with the research and gathering and store it with the many photographs and memorabilia which I now have on my computer.

The building, in which we now worship, is a far cry from the beginnings of the congregation in a disused laundry, but the message remains the same.

Sheila Livingstone 2006

The complete book in PDF format (12.1 Mb)

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven

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